Ability to collapse payload view on the dev dashboard

I’m working with webhooks that have huge payloads and find myself having to scroll all the way down to see the logs. This applies for almost all trace details (i.e normal http handler, pubsub). Raw http handlers are not affected as they don’t have a schema.

This wasn’t so much of a problem with the old dev dashboard ui because it had a scrollbar on the side. With the new ui the scrollbar is hidden thus having to scroll manually or pressing ctrl + end.

So I’d appreciate a collapse button or bringing back the scrollbar.

This is another separate “issue” but when the payload on a publish event is too large I’m unable to see/scroll the contents on the popup. See image below.

Thanks for sharing @juan – this is very reasonable and useful feedback.
We’ll take a look at improving this interaction!

Thanks for your feedback @juan Please keep it coming whenever you have ideas or suggestions :muscle:

I have been playing around with this today and have some suggestions.
I added back the scrollbar in case the content is longer than the page and also a (bit of a hidden) feature that lets you click on the logs icon to jump directly to the logs:

jump to logs

For the second issue I added a max height to the tooltips:

max height

What do you think?

PR: Add ability to scroll to logs in trace view by simon-johansson · Pull Request #383 · encoredev/encore · GitHub

Looks awesome! I love that hidden feature to jump directly to the logs.

Thank you so much.

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Hey @juan, we’ve just released Encore v1.7.2 which includes this functionality! Upgrade with encore version update. Thanks very much for the suggestion!

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