Anywhere I can find the deployment limits for Encore's different pricing plans?

Looking at the Pricing page it isn’t clear to me what are the limits. How much CPU/ram/bandwidth do we get? As there is an unlimited number of apps and the pricing covers per user.

Just so I know what is the impact of deploying with Encore is with my my projects :slight_smile:

Hey Joyo, thanks for reaching out!

Encore is first and foremost about delivering the best developer experience in the world for building great backends. That’s why we integrate with the major cloud providers for hosting, and encourage you to use them for production use cases (and pay them directly for hosting costs; we don’t charge anything for this).

With that said we do provide “Encore Cloud” hosting to make it easy to get started, and it’s often sufficient for production traffic for hobby projects and so on. For the hobby tier we operate under a Fair Use policy and the rough usage guidelines for the hobby tier is 100GB of bandwidth per month and 100 GB-Hours of API request execution. If you’re likely to exceed those limits then feel free to reach out :slight_smile: