Cannot run tests within my Goland editor?

this only works when I run encore test but not sure why it doesn’t work within goland’s editor. help?

Hi biradec366,

This is because GoLand uses its own distribution of the Go compiler, where Encore uses a rolling fork in order to allow us to perform the magic we need.

However, we are working on adding first-class support for JetBrains IDEs such as IntelliJ and GoLand so stay tuned. For now, there are two working alternatives:

  1. In a separate Terminal window, run encore test

  2. In your GoLand IDE, go to Run > Edit Configurations > Add New > Shell Script with the config:

    • Name: Encore Tests
    • Execute: Script text
    • Script text: encore test ./...
    • Working directory: /Users/[username]/src/[app-name]
    • Untick Execute in the Terminal

    It is a little inconvenient but it works well if you want an integrated experience with the IDE right now before we’ve released an official plugin. It should look something like this.

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