Database not found

is there an instance where migrations don’t run because I have created a table but running encore db shell categories
error: could not connect to the database for service categories: database not found

Migrations should be automatically run on-demand when you execute encore db shell categories. If you want you can reset the database with encore db reset <database-name>.

The error suggests there is no such database, however. Is the service named categories, or something else? If it’s named something else, say “foo”, you should use encore db shell foo.

The name of the service is categories but anytime i run encore db shell categories nothing hapens and I have a table in my migrations folder.

I was thinking if there are dedicated service names

Can you show the folder structure you have? What’s the name of your migration file?

Screenshot 2023-04-03 145943

Hmm, that looks like it should work. What if you run encore db reset categories?

I did that it gave me no errors on the reset

Does encore db shell categories work now, then?

No please it doesn’t

Ok, I think we need to dig into it together. Can you join the community Slack and we can jump on a quick call to debug what’s going on?

Alright Andre Thank you