Encore is in the Nordic Showcase @ Slush 2022

Slush is the world’s biggest startup conference with over 5000 attendees.

We’re proud to say Encore has been hand-picked as one of only 2 Swedish startups to present in their 2022 Nordic Startup Showcase.

If you’re planning on attending, we’d love for you to come to the session and watch @eandre present Encore and our vision for the future.

Tell us below if you’re going to be there!

Event details

Event Name Slush
Type Conference (In Person)
Location Helsinki, Finland
Date 17-18 November 2022
Tickets Get your tickets here
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We had a great time at Slush and got to meet lots of great founders.
@andre presented Encore as part of the Nordic Showcase, and got a great reception from the crowd.

Check out the recording on YouTube!