Encore now supports caching! Are you Redis for this feature? ๐Ÿฅ

We introduced Caching support to Encore a few days ago in our v1.7.0 release! :raised_hands: For building real-time applications like games, ad systems, or financial applications, in-memory caching is an incredibly powerful feature.

Most high-traffic backends use caching today, and now Encore allows you to too!

To use caching, make sure to run encore version update and check out the Caching Documentation to get started which is as easy as:

import "encore.dev/storage/cache"

var MyCacheCluster = cache.NewCluster("my-cache-cluster", cache.ClusterConfig{
    // EvictionPolicy tells Redis how to evict keys when the cache reaches
    // its memory limit. For typical cache use cases, cache.AllKeysLRU is a good default.
    EvictionPolicy: cache.AllKeysLRU,

Let us know what you think in the comments!