Error starting encore app

I am getting this when running encore run:

 ✔ Building Encore application graph... Done!
  ✔ Analyzing service topology... Done!
  ✔ Creating PostgreSQL database cluster... Done!
  ✔ Fetching application secrets... Done!
  ⠦ Generating boilerplate code... 
  ❌ Compiling application source code... Failed: Error
  ⠂ Running database migrations... 

── Error ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────[E0003]──

compilation failure: #
/home/gitpod/.encore/runtime/appruntime/shared/health/health.go:107:30: type func(a CheckResult, b CheckResult) bool of func(a, b
CheckResult) bool {…} does not match inferred type func(a CheckResult, b CheckResult) int for func(a E, b E) int

╭─[Stack Trace]
├─▶ build.(*builder).buildMain.func1    /home/runner/work/encore/encore/
├─▶ etrace.Sync0                        /home/runner/work/encore/encore/
├─▶ build.(*builder).buildMain          /home/runner/work/encore/encore/
├─▶ build.(*builder).Build              /home/runner/work/encore/encore/
├─▶ build.Build                         /home/runner/work/encore/encore/
├─▶ v2builder.BuilderImpl.Compile.func1 /home/runner/work/encore/encore/
╰─[... remaining frames omitted ...]

encore version: v1.23.3
go version: v1.21.0

Hey @ram23, I responded to your issue on GitHub already: error running encore app · Issue #837 · encoredev/encore · GitHub