Fig auto-completion specs for Encore CLI

Hey Fig-using folks!!

I pushed a set of Fig specs for the Encore CLI. See the pull request here: add encore spec by BogDAAAMN · Pull Request #1496.

The spec is purely generated with Fig’s cobra integration and it only covers auto-completion for the commands. Once I will use the CLI more, I will find some good generators ideas and I will implement them. But feel free to suggest any generator idea you have ( e.g. list app-ids or service-names) and I will happily implement them :blush:

Feel free to contribute or review the specs, they will be available in Fig once the PR is merged :rocket:

Fig completing Encore CLI commands


Also feel free to review the cobra integration on Encore CLI, I am not super familiar with Go, but seemed like an easy approach


Hey Bogdan, this is great, thank you! We’d love to add Fig completions to the Encore command. Want to submit that change as a PR?

This is awesome @bogdan!
What a great way to make an entrance to the community. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Marcus!! Happy to be here :blush:


Thank you @andre! Amazing, sure. I did the PR on my fork thinking you wouldn’t consider to add it to the CLI, glad you do, maybe we figure out an automated way to update the Fig repo when changes are happen to the CLI.