GCP support for individual accounts not associated with organizations

First off thanks for putting together Encore, really enjoying it so far!

I’m trying to set up my GCP account but I read on Slack that right now only GCP accounts connected to a GCP Organization are supported.

Since I’m only building a side project right now, it would be great to be able to use my individual GCP account.

Any plans on supporting this?

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Hey KungBob, nice to have you here!

We currently only support GCP organizations due to limitations on GCP’s side around granting Project Creator rights (not possible through individual GCP accounts).

We are in dialog with GCP on various topics to see what can be done to improve the user experience for Encore users. So this might be resolved in the future, but right not we don’t have a timeline.

I recommend either creating a GCP Organization, or since this is only a side project you can also keep using Encore Cloud for free. It’s running on GCP under the hood. :slight_smile:


Hi @Marcus

Thank you for answering so quickly!

I didn’t realize I could use Encore cloud for this, that makes it much easier.
That’s awesome!