👋 Hello, I'm Dom

Howdy folks,

I’m Dom & I’m one of the founding engineers here at Encore. I’ve been working full-time on Encore for just under a year.

I’m based in London, England where previously I was a Staff Engineer at Monzo bank leading the payments and finance teams. Before Monzo I worked at a stock market startup trying to make algorithmic trading more accessible and easier to use for all age groups by removing the need to code.

Enough to say that I always enjoy a good challenge to build software which is easy to use, solves real problems and delights people when they use it and I firmly believe that Encore does all of those. On top of that, I’m a huge proponent of reducing cognitive overhead while working in code bases and will always be pushing for simpler and easier API designs to allow Encore to do that for all of us.

Outside of work I most of my time is spent playing a good board game, cooking/eating good food, chatting over a glass of beer or wine and occasionally playing computer games (Halo Infinite currently).