🦖 Here's Stefan

Hi everyone,

I’m Stefan, one of the founding engineers at the Encore HQ in Stockholm. I joined the company back in February this year when I decided to leave my manager career at Google to get back into the joy and fun of coding at a startup. Before Google, I was at Spotify, which is coincidentally where I first met Andre and Marcus.

Years of being lost in the trenches of management reignited my passion for coding and I’m now thrilled to be working with the rest of the Encore community to create a simple to use yet powerful product.

Outside of work, I spend time with my wife and two daughters and build stuff with my collection of power tools. I also enjoy a good cocktail bar and creative vegetarian food. Like Dom, I’m an avid board game player, albeit a horrible loser/obnoxious winner (don’t play with me).

Excited to get to know y’all!