Hi all, Marcus here

Hi everyone,

I’m Marcus co-founder of Encore. :wave:

I’ve been working on Encore for almost two years now, focusing on figuring out what backend development use cases are most valuable to improve for our users, as well as how we can best design Encore to be easy to understand and fun to build with.

I’m keen to hear you thoughts and experiences so please reach out! Either here on the forum, on Slack, or on email.

Before Encore I was a product lead at Spotify for many years, and worked with André (Encore Founder) on building out the subscription and payments platform for Spotify Premium.

Besides Encore I enjoy making pizza and all sorts of cycling. So come chat to me about that if you’re also a bike nerd. :slight_smile:



Amazing work with Encore! I love making pizza too although I am not very good at it

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