Ideas for improved tracing view

We’re in the midst of a slight bug hunt and I just now noticed that a small feature that would be helpful is to be able to sort the traces on more parameters than just the error status.

Being able to also sort based on the recorded, duration and potentially the origin of the request would really help in this process and make it faster to a get an overview.

Having a line chart with request volumes and statuses could also help simplify getting a picture of when errors started occurring.

Thanks for the feedback @jakob!
Definitely agree it’d be useful having more levers to find what you’re looking for in the trace view.
We’re going to make some usability improvements here and we’ll definitely take your feedback into account!

About your second comment, we’ve had a lot of people express a need for more extensive logs and monitoring capabilities. So we’re planning on adding some shiny new functionality for this, as well as make it super easy to integrate with a third party tool like Sentry. Do you think this would be useful for your team?

Yes for sure! Shiny sounds good.

We of course have the possibility to check our own deployment in GCP but most people in our dev team don’t check that regularly and it’s not exactly easy to find your way around. So if have more of those capabilities directly in Encore we would have more eyes on it since we all check the traces there quite regularly.

Would actually also be great if we could get avg. latencies and filter on who made the call, it would help us ensure we meet client demands for response times and also show improvements.