Is there a way to open up the deployed website from the encore CLI?

For example, if I create a new project using encore app create and then I deploy it using git push encore main how can I see which URL my app is deployed to using the encore CLI?

The CLI is primarily used for local development and the web platform is used to manage all your deployed environments.

Once you trigger a deploy using git push encore, the CLI gives you a url to go monitor the deployment in the web platform. From there you can view all environments and their urls.
If you haven’t created an environment manually when you trigger your first deploy, Encore will by default create an environment called staging and deploy to Encore’s free development cloud.

The standard URL structure Encore uses is: https://<environment_name>-<app_id>
You can also configure a custom domain if you wish to use your own domain name.

You can at any time head to the web platform ( and access all your apps and environments.