My own on-call/incident management system (similar to, PagerDuty)

Hello folks!

I have a new example application to share!

Have you ever want to have your very own tool for being able to track incidents and assign them to a calendar-based rotation between several engineers? Or, in other words, something like or PagerDuty? Well, you’re in luck – we have built just the example app using Encore and Slack!

How does it work?

This is a Go application that allows you to easily deploy your own on-call management system:

  • Create users in the system, with their names and Slack handles
  • Create schedules for your on-call rotation
  • An endpoint for sending alerts to, and having them either unassigned or auto-assigned to the user on-call
  • Sending an alert over Slack, and every 10 minutes, until it has been acknowledged

Architecture Diagram

GitHub Repository


Easy, just run:

encore app create --example



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Update: I’ve recorded a YouTube walkthrough video that I would love your feedback on!

Update: the tutorial is published and attached too!