Our new Office Hours to kick off #Hacktoberfest

Hello everyone –

We’re approaching October and in the open source that’s usually a time for a certain something… yes you guessed it right, it is Hacktoberfest!

For those of you who haven’t participated in Hacktoberfest before, it is simple: October is a month for contributing to open source. For learning something new, and having your contribution recognized and used by the open source community. Upon your fourth pull request, you will receive a Reward Kit from Hacktoberfest, and companies may separately give additional swag to their contributors.

And for the first time, Encore will be providing a series of resources (and swag!) to make it easy for developers participating in Hacktoberfest to use and contribute to Encore!


Encore will be empowering developers contributing in three areas during the month of October:

  • Making it easier to use Encore
  • Making it easier to contribute to Encore
  • Building your first app using Encore and sharing it with the community :heart:

To make it easier for you to hear from the Encore team, as well as vice versa, we are hosting a new Community Office Hours on Around every 2 weeks. This will be our space to demo things; what we are working on, what you are working on, as well as anything else Encore and fun!

We’d love to see you there - here are our event dates and times for October:

Date Time Event link
Fri, 7 Oct 2022 14:00 (UTC) Click to Join
Thu, 20 Oct 2022 16:00 (UTC) Click to Join
Thu, 3 Nov 2022 Postponed New date coming soon

Get Your Swag

We will send you our Encore sticker pack if you do any of the following:

  1. Build an app and share your Encore Flow diagram to Twitter or a blog post
  2. Build an app with Encore and share it in Show & Tell in our Community Forums
  3. Contribute to encoredev/encore (or any of our open source repositories) on GitHub
  4. Or, something else that you think might be useful to the Encore community!

Once you’ve done any of them, fill out the form below and shortly after the swag should show up at your front door :wink:

Getting Started Resources

Here is an overall list of resources for you to check out:

Finding issues in encoredev/encore

Tutorials to follow

Example apps to fork

Features to read up on

Tell Us Your Feedback

Want to see us do something else? Do the Community Office Hours not work for your timezone? Let us know on here or to me directly over email.

Happy Hacktober everyone!


Hey @bil, amazing you’re taking part in Hacktoberfest!

Do you think that the good first issues on Encore would be a good way to get more familiar with Go?

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Hi Bogdan,

We’re still trying to populate the GitHub issue tracker with some better first time contributions. I have just gone ahead and added some that we’ve talked about which is being able to export generated clients in other languages than Go and TypeScript.

See here for such issues: https://github.com/encoredev/encore/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3A"good+first+issue"+no%3Aassignee

That should be enough for you to get started (let me know if it isn’t), but expect there to be more tickets in the coming days :slight_smile:

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Amazing, thanks a lot for your good work :raised_hands:t3:

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October is here! We’ve added more tasks for new users to Hacktoberfest to get started with. Click here to see a list of open issues.

The next community office hours is coming up on Thursday @ 16:00 UTC this week!
We’ll discuss the latest Encore release, what’s upcoming on the roadmap, and want to hear you share about your projects!

Join the community call on Around: Click to Join

Hey everyone,
We’ve decided to postpone this week’s community call so that we can have more time to prepare really interesting content for everyone!

We’ll post new dates shortly with improved ways of providing input and questions beforehand.
In the meantime, happy to hear your ideas and suggests for what to cover in the next community calls!