Our official Encore Slack theme colours

For those of you who are signed up to the Encore Community Slack you might want to make it look and feel Encore (I am kind of biased - I love our brand colours) so if you want to switch up the colours you’ll want to read more.

Step 1: Join the community

If you haven’t already, click this link right here to receive an invitation to join our Encore Community slack.

Step 2: Go to your Slack Preferences

Click on “Encore” in the top left, and then Preferences. Like below.

Step 3: Go to Themes

Once in Preferences, click on Themes and scroll down to Colours as below.

You’ll see the colours in the screenshot, but here’s the one line’s worth of code that you can copy and paste in that box that says “Copy and paste these values to share your custom theme with others”:


Step 4: You’re all set!

Enjoy your updated Slack experience to feel like you never left your Encore dashboard!