Self-Hosting Encore Program

If I want to self-host my encore program i.e. w/ docker image from encore eject , then how does horizontal scaling work for my self-hosted container?

Especially for cron jobs and pub/sub?

[This was discussed on the Community Slack by @andre, but posting here for longevity.]

If you run encore eject docker you need to orchestrate how that works yourself, and depends on the underlying infrastructure. For serverless workloads you have to configure PubSub to push requests, where with non-serverless pull requests tends to be better. You’d also need to implement running cronjobs yourself too, as hosting through Encore will handle all of that for you.

You can use Encore to deploy from Encore Cloud to your own cloud accounts, such as GCP, AWS, or Azure so in theory the use case for entirely moving away from Encore would be slim (and we’d love to hear why that might be the case and what we’re missing!)