Welcome to the Encore Community Forums!

Since we launched Encore v1.0 to the public back in April 2022, we’ve seen exciting growth from backend developers who have been building with Encore for the very first time.

As we grow into the next phase, we have been very keen on building out a strong developer community. Somewhere where you can:

  • Introduce yourself to other Encorers
  • Share what you’re working on (as well as see what others are up to!)
  • Get help on all things Encore
  • Hear from the Encore team about what we’re up to
  • Help us identify which communities we should be supporting and engaging with
  • Last but not least, provide feedback and input for our team

As we build out this community, it is extremely important that what we’re building is a safe and inclusive space. Encore welcomes developers from all backgrounds and our entire team are committed to making sure that our space is safe for everyone.

With that, we cannot wait to share with you all the exciting things we have in the works. You’ll hear more from myself as well as the entire Encore team!