What programming font do you use for writing Go?

I am a big font nerd and love to change up my font in my GoLand editor every now and again. What are you using right now?

Currently I am using Azeret Mono which looks amazing and is free to use for personal use. Highly recommend you give that a spin! What about you?

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I have really been enjoying ligatures and have been using Fira Code for some time now. I consider it a really solid font and use it almost everywhere I write code.


I’ve been using PragmataPro for years and love it!



I just switched to Iosevka and I love it! I’ve got an astigmatism and work from a $100 Chromebook with an 11’ screen, and so I was desperate for a solution!

I found it after hearing about this font: Download the Atkinson Hyperlegible Font | Braille Institute and looking for a monospace equivalent that I could use for coding.

This looks very cool. I’m going to check it out now :slight_smile:

Also a big fan of of Fira, but have been using IBM Plex Mono as well (prefer this in the terminal).

Used to use a number of the fonts mentioned above, now using Bitstream Vera Sans Mono.

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