What's a good choice for frontend?

I’m working on my first real app with Encore and have figured that I can’t host my frontend in my encore app.

Are there any recommended solutions for frontend hosting and frontend frameworks for Encore?
I have experience from Next.js and would prefer to use this, but unsure if it will work well?


Hey @Pluto,

Encore plays well with most (if not all) frontend frameworks and hosting solutions.
Normally it is very easy as Encore automatically generates typesafe frontend clients from your APIs, see more details in docs.

Next.js / Vercel is a common choice and you should have no trouble with that.

Lately we’ve also seen some folk use Remix, for instance Console.dev are using Encore for their backend and Remix + Vercel for their frontend, you can read more about their setup on their blog.

Hope that helps, and if you run into any issues just post your questions here or on Slack.

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Thank you – happy I don’t need to learn a new frontend framework!!